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Pilates Tuition

Pilates is a postural form of exercise that works on strengthening and stretching the body.

The aim is to perform exercises with good postural alignment using the core muscles to stabilise the spine, combined with breathing control to help reduce tension.

The great thing about Pilates is that it allows you to progress at your own pace, offering a gentle workout for those who prefer to keep at a steady level but also offering higher levels for those who want to progress and build up their fitness further.

The Benefits of Pilates:


Pilates Classes at The Cloisters follow modified Pilates techniques which allow the rehabilitation of people with injuries, joint problems or pain.

Whilst Traditional Pilates focuses on the external power muscles, Modified Pilates concentrates initially on the deeper stabilising muscles with the aim of establishing good core stability before the external muscles are brought in and challenged.

Our Instructors:

All our Pilates Instructors are well trained and have an understanding of human posture, movement and mobility.

They are also used to dealing with people in pain and helping them to find their correct level of exercise, and then in building them up to restore function.

You can read more about our Pilates Team here.

Pilates Classes:

Pilates Tuition

We offer several Beginner and General Level classes throughout the week. Beginners' courses teach the basic principles of Pilates. Once these are mastered you may want to move on to a General Level class where you can progress further.

Please look at 'Class Timetable' and 'Next Courses' on the right hand side of this page for more details.

Classes last an hour and all equipment is provided. The classes are kept small to allow individual attention, we aim for up to ten people in a class.

Please wear loose comfortable clothing that you can move in (trousers or leggings) and socks or bare feet.

Seated Pilates Class:

Seated Pilates

We have designed a class for those who enjoy or would enjoy the benefits of Pilates but find getting on and off the floor difficult.

It suits those with arthritic joints, joint replacements and long term conditions (neurological/respiratory/back problems). The exercises are designed to incorporate the principles of Pilates but in a seated posture (sometimes we stand if appropriate) to stretch, strengthen and work on balance.

We use all of the Pilates equipment to add variety and a challenge to the class. The class is adapted and specific to the clients we have in the studio.

Call us today to discuss suitability for this class.


Our Pilates classes involve a 30 minute initial appointment at £30, and our courses typically run for six weeks but do vary in length depending on the school terms.

A six week course is £54. An initial appointment and six week course are £84. Each class is for one hour.

Please contact The Cloisters reception either by phone or via the contact page to organise a place in a class.

Pilates Tuition

If you miss a class you can still catch up within the term by coming to another class - providing there is space. This system works best if you let your instructor or reception know if there are any classes that you cannot attend so that spaces can be offered to those that want to swap. Refunds are only offered if a space can be filled so if you realise you can no longer attend your course please let us know as soon as possible.

We are always happy to provide additional information or to talk through any problems or reservations you may have. Further information on Pilates can be found in our Pilates FAQ.

The Cloisters is situated close to Leamington Spa town centre and is within easy reach of Warwick, Kenilworth, Stratford-upon-Avon and Coventry. There is plenty of free parking close by.

The Pilates Team:

Image of Catherine Levack

Catherine Levack

I began Pilates more than 12 years ago and eventually took the plunge to do my teacher training.

I qualified as a Level 3 Mat Pilates teacher in January 2011 and remain passionate about the benefits of Pilates for both the body and mind.

Teaching still feels more like a hobby rather than a job because I get so much pleasure from seeing clients gain in strength and flexibility.

I do regular Continual Professional Development training to improve and develop both my knowledge and teaching skills.

Image of Liz Cohen

Liz Cohen

I graduated with BSc (Hons) Physiotherapy from Brunel University in 1995. Following this, I worked in the NHS in Suffolk and then Warwickshire developing my interest and expertise in Neurology and Elderly Care.

I have completed my Matwork Levels 1-3 training with APPI. The Pilates fits well with my client group and I have recently started seated classes to target these clients.

Image of Emma Boswell

Emma Boswell

I am a Level 3 Qualified Mat Pilates teacher and I am also trained in the Pilates Reformer and Cadillac as well as the use of small studio equipment.

I work with all types of clients from athletes wanting to improve their performance to people looking manage conditions or recover from injury. I am passionate about sharing the benefits of the Pilates method and I find it really rewarding to see clients progress in strength, flexibility and control.

Image of Kimberley Warwick

Kimberley Warwick

I have been teaching Pilates for 8 years, after training at Champney health resorts with Alan Herdman. After leaving there, I began to freelance for myself as an instructor in several studios around Warwickshire. I bring my other qualifications as a Sports Therapist specialising in injury rehabilitation, and a GP referral consultant, working with high risk catagory clients to my classes and private clients.

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