The New Normal

Our procedures have all had to change to keep everyone safe during the current situation with Covid 19.

We are not using the waiting room in the Clinic at the moment so when you arrive would you please wait in your car or outside the Clinic and we will phone you just before your appointment time.

Then you need to put on a face covering before entering the Clinic. Medical exemptions of course apply.

We will then open the door for you, ask you to apply hand sanitiser and check you are not experiencing any symptoms of Covid. We will then take and record your temperature.

All staff in the Clinic have their temperature taken and recorded each day.

You then go straight to the treatment area where your Physio will be waiting for you. The Physiotherapists are currently working in masks, aprons, and gloves.

We are working with the windows open (blinds down for privacy) to allow good flow through of air and all cleaning and hygiene procedures have been increased. The rooms are left for 15 minutes between each patient.

Unfortunately, we are not able to use towels or blankets on the treatment couches. With winter approaching we will endeavour to make sure we keep the clinic as warm as we can, but we do have to keep some windows open for ventilation as has been recommended.

If you would like to bring in a small towel or wrap you can do so, but this needs to be brought in in a sealed bag. If you would like any more information about this, please get in touch.

If you need to bring a chaperone or translator, please let us know in advance in order that we can use one of the larger rooms which will then permit appropriate social distancing.

We have reception staff working in the Clinic, but we are not taking any payments at the desk. You will be emailed an invoice after your treatment and this can be paid by bank transfer or by phoning to make a card payment.

If we are contacted by Test and Trace we are obliged to give the contact details of anyone who has been in the clinic.

Thank you for your assistance in keeping us all safe. If you have any further questions regarding the way we are working at the moment please do contact us to discuss it with a member of staff.